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We all know that feeling of stress when we are facing our projects or when we think about our final degree. Furthermore, we all know that nervousness before holding a presentation or more the issue “What can I do with skills after finishing my studies?” or “How should I contact companies and in which way I have to act with them?!”

For all these questions and conditions, a solution is offered at your university, which is called ESTIEM.

Usually we all tend to complain about less specific training lessons in the University. ESTIEM is providing a solution for this case and push you forward.

With ESTIEM everybody has the possibility to learn and develop skills that are not required through your basic studies. But the competences you will learn at ESTIEM are essential for your working career and push you to better results during your studies.

ESTIEM is offering regular training sessions and events, one of the most important events is called TIMES. What is TIMES?

TIMES – Tournament in Management and Engineering skills

TIMES is an extraordinary event with the main idea to create a solution for a real company case. You learn how to create and build a structured solution for the requirements of the company and present it in a presentation.

This event is not boring, it is challenging and an awesome competition where you can work and develop your abilities together with your friends while you also meet a lot of new people with the same mind set.

Procedure of the TIMES:

The Tournament is starting with a local phase in which local groups from ESTIEM will compete. The groups will contain each four students. Every group will receive a quick training during two or three days.

The day of the competition will be like that; the different teams have four hours to build a structured solution for their cases without any kind of technological equipment. To finish all up they have to create a presentation and present their work in front of a qualified jury.

The winners of the local phase are able to participate for the SEMI-FINAL, the regional phase. For example, the last SEMI-FINAL of the south-west region took place in Minho.

The SEMI-FINAL is following the same dynamic like in the local phase. Different teams have to work on company cases and have to present their solutions. But there is one big change; the teams spend a complete week in the chosen city with people from all around the region.

The winners of the SEMI-FINALS of the several regions will meet in an European city. The final phase is also following the same dynamic than before but of course the requirements are higher.

After knowing what TIMES and ESTIEM is, do you think you should start there? I do! But not only me, hundreds of companies all around Europe are interested in students who took part in these tournaments as well us they send us every year the cases what makes the participants known by them too. If you didn’t know about this issue, let me know and you will take place the next time. Usually the tournament is in December.

Cheers!!! And see you around Europe!!!